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Leasing Services EOOD is a company devoted to the complete and satisfactory service to our customers, which use leasing in all of it's forms – both financial and operative. The goal of the company is to offer the client a thorough service in the vein of Rent A Car. Leasing Services EOOD was found in 2008 as a part of the international financial leasing broker Kuehn Leasing Broker. Leasing Services EOOD is tightly related with a number of leading banks, leasing companies, insurance and financial-broking companies in Europe. We also work in cooperation with the banks and leasing companies in the Bulgarian market and we maintain, that we offer high quality services because of our independence.

We offer full servicing regardless of the number of automobile brands in your auto park. Our customer will receive all of the services below – if he has one automobile brand in his park or many. Each of our clients is unique for us and we will not use “molds” to fit him into, but rather look for the form that fits his business best.


LEASING SERVICES EOOD takes full accounting control of expenses and management of your auto park

  • we offer 15 / 30 days for payment of the completed services, or in other convenient forms of payment
  • We keep track of the traveling distances of the vehicles and send them regularly to the service-station
  • We keep track of the employees of our customers to see if some of their services are at their expense
  • We keep track of the employees of our customers to ensure that they don't use the service-stations for their personal vehicles – a complete prevention of fraud and deals behind your back
  • We keep a history of the repairs and services done at Your auto park

We will provide an On-Line Web-based Information system, where each client can track of the services we offer and the related expenses.

The Call-Centre 0700 10890 (at the price of a city call) is at the disposal of our customers, to aid them with quick and rational servicing, recording of complaints or consultations.

Below you can find a list with all services offered by Leasing Services EOOD. Each client or leasing receiver of each vehicle can request one of the following services, parts of services or all of them. We can take care of the wishes of each client with his personal demands for services for each vehicle in his auto park,

-1.1. „Starting” package

  • Annual maintenance
  • We place an alarm on the vehicle
  • A passive marking according to the general conditions of an insurance company
  • As an exception, we can offer a registration with KAT; an emergency kit; ecological tax for the product

-2.1. Insurances

  • “Full Autocasko”, including “theft” and “fire” with a validity across the European Union according to the general conditions of the insurance company
  • “Third party liability”
  • “Accident of the vehicle”
  • “24 hours Road aid”
  • Medical insurance and life insurance
  • Helicopter transportation on demand

-2.2. Insurance management

  • communication with the insurance company and organization of the renewal of insurance policies
  • taking care of insurance events and liquidation of damages
  • organizing insurance inspections and repair of vehicles
  • „Schwacke“ rankings“

-3.1. Changing and storage of winter/summer tires; tire maintenance

-3.2. Full “Car Wash” services

-4.1. Thorough attendance at service-stations, according to the requirements and standards of the producer

you don't have to look for, negotiate or buy spare parts, oils, tires, etc.

  • Periodic maintenance – changing of engine oil and filters
  • Maintenance of spare parts and consumables due to wearing out or resource depletion (cover plates, brakes, windscreen wipers, clutch, accumulator, etc.)
  • Maintenance of electronics in the car ( GPS, alarm, active marking, audio and TV installations, other tuning)
  • Rating the vehicle in the service-stations of authorized dealers and return of the vehicle after the end of the leasing contract

-Service management

  • booking a visit at the service-station
  • keeping track of the repair and control of the speed and quality
  • service dossiers of the vehicles

-5. Refueling

-6. Granting of a replacement vehicle or supplying tickets for a plane/train/bus

(depending on customer demand) when the vehicle is damaged or when an insurance event occurs

-7. Package „Abroad”

which can include part of or all points 1 – 6.

-Luxury Options

Renting small place and chartering yachts; arranging hotel rooms in cases of accidents or similar events, or just customer demand.


  • Planning of expenses and unburdening of assets
    On the basis of relatively fixed payments for the term of the leasing, the entrepreneur can plan accordingly his expenses. The leasing is the right financing form for everyone that values the profits from assets over the ownership of the asset. When considering a direct purchase, the entrepreneur needn't devote a lot of his financial resources to buy the asset cash. The financing of the desired investment doesn't make the liquidity and the credit rating of the customer worse, and does not require staking on or mortgaging of additional possessions, unlike bank credits.
  • Flexibility of contracts
    We always aim to offer the best fitting leasing contract for each investor and each supplier by means of flexible terms of the contracts, the advance payments, the allocation of payments, etc. We do not constrain our customers with “template” deals
  • Technological advantage over the competition, meeting the European standards
    Your leasing allows you to have new equipment now – not after years of saving, which makes You much more fit to compete in the market. The technologies advance more and more quickly, and older equipment soon becomes outdated by the standards of the EU
  • Taxation advantages
    The operative leasing in particular offers an additional advantage, because the leasing payments are immediately considered as production expenses and the investment through leasing has neutral balance. Thus, financing of a leasing can prove expedient from a taxation point of view, which often saves the customer the troubles with amortization

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